Introduction to LGBTQ Studies: Interview with Carla Ruiz


Introduction to LGBTQ Studies: Interview with Carla Ruiz


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An oral history interview with Carla Ruiz concerning her experiences as a transgender woman, acceptance and lack of acceptance from various members of her family, and her experiences as an LGBTQ advocate, was conducted by Kana Skay and Michael Byrne on December 6, 2016. Carla Ruiz, LGBTQ+ activist and crisis counselor, was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Ruiz worked several positions in crisis counseling, non-profit organizations, and community outreach. She has been involved with organizations such as the River city Gender Alliance, A La Familia, and Heartland Latino Leadership. The interview was conducted as part of a project for Professor Jay Irwin's Fall 2016 Sociology 3700: Introduction to LGBTQ Studies course.

Throughout the interview, Ruiz discussed moving to California as a child and her relationships with biological family members as compared to found family members. Ruiz also described her transition experience and living as her authentic self. Ruiz explained how her exposure to the LGBTQ+ community was severely limited in childhood, and her later efforts at rectifying that limited exposure. Ruiz ended the interview by encouraging others to be as open and true to themselves and they can safely be.


2016 December 6


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“Introduction to LGBTQ Studies: Interview with Carla Ruiz,” Queer Omaha Archives | UNO Libraries, accessed December 2, 2023,

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