LGBTQ+ Voices: Interview with Marcy Bieler


LGBTQ+ Voices: Interview with Marcy Bieler


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Marcy Bieler, LGBTQ+ advocate, was interviewed by Luke Wegener on December 13, 2017 in Omaha, Nebraska. Bieler shared information about growing up in Kansas, knowing she was transgender at a young age, coming out as trans to her ex-wife, her relationship with her daughter, facing discrimination in rural Iowa, and joining River City Gender Alliance.

Biographical Sketch

Marcy Bieler, born in Leadville, Colorado, is a white trans woman living in Irwin, Iowa. Growing up in Kansas as the daughter of a welder and nurse, Bieler is an active member of the River City Gender Alliance and outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. She is the proud mother of two teenage daughters.

Interview Summary

Marcy Bieler, LGBTQ+ advocate, was interviewed by Luke Wegener on December 13, 2017 in Omaha, Nebraska. Bieler was born in Leadville, Colorado to Edith and Henry Bieler and grew up in a working-class family as one of six children in Kansas. At a young age, Bieler knew she was a girl, but was not in an environment where she could safely express her identity. Sporting long hair as a child, strangers would see Bieler as a little girl, which infuriated her father and he forced her to cut her hair. Bieler was often called "fag" or "gay" by other kids during her childhood and adolescence, and frequently got in fights with other students.

In 2002, Bieler married her girlfriend and together they had one daughter. Bieler eventually came out to her wife, and though she took it well at the time, it became clear to Bieler that her wife was punishing her for being transgender. She was eventually outed by her wife to her entire community without her consent and lost her home. Living in rural Iowa, Bieler struggled with employment due to discrimination against transgender individuals. She has also faced inappropriate treatment while receiving medical care.

Falling into serious depression and seeing no way out, Bieler contemplated suicide. After hitting rock bottom, Bieler sought out a therapist to help her regain control of her life and accept her identity. With therapy to help her recover her life, Bieler joined River City Gender Alliance, an Omaha-based support group for Transgender individuals. There she found a thriving community of trans women to offer her support and began to rebuild her life.

In this interview, Bieler also discusses her dream job, changing her legal documents, her daughters, and her ideas for making the LGBTQ+ community more inclusive.

Interview Notes

Trigger warning for discussion of mental illness and suicide.


2017 December 13


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