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A ticket, colored in yellow, for "Fourth Annual Heartland Rodeo," dated June 24 & 25, 2000. Reading "Admit One "Rodeo Performance," Proceeds to benefit the Nebraska AIDS Project and All-Iowa AIDS Benefit." Sponsored by UNITED Official and Exclusive,…

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A horse draped in a blanket of flowers being led at a rodeo as part of a procession or performance. The person is carrying their cowboy hat over their heart.

Photograph of a plaque presented to Pat Phalen in 1997 by the Imperial Court of Nebraska (ICON). The award is rectangular red and gold with a black face with gold type. There are minor scratches on front side. Item was produced by Center Trophy.…

Photograph of an award from the Imperial Court of Nebraska (ICON). Award is wood with silver face and black type.

Award reads, "Thank you for your service & dedication to the Gay/Lesbian Community. Emperor IX - Joe Reed, Empress IX - Felice…
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