Introduction to LGBTQ Studies: Interview with Lynne Mytty


Introduction to LGBTQ Studies: Interview with Lynne Mytty


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An oral history interview with Lynne Mytty concerning her life as a transgender woman, working in sociology, her involvement with various LGBTQ+ organizations, and major cultural events in relation to LGBTQ+ issues, was conducted by Talia Hughes and Samantha Casey on November 17, 2016. Mytty talked about her journey pre- and post-transition and mental health issues. Lynne Mytty, LGBTQ+ activist and transgender woman, earned her B.A. degree from Midland University, and worked in various positions in management, accounting, and financial advising. She belonged to several groups including the River City Mixed Chorus (RCMC), PFLAG Omaha, River City Gender Alliance (RCGA), Corn this Way, and Eagle Scouts. She was a member of several boards, including church president, Delegate to National Assembly, and a part of the SID board for 18 years. Mytty has been with her wife since 1979, and they have two daughters. The interview was conducted as part of a project for Professor Jay Irwin's Fall 2016 Sociology 3700: Introduction to LGBTQ Studies course. After this oral history interview was conducted, Lynne Mytty learned that she was born intersex both physically and genetically. She stated in 2018: "This would have explained a lot of what I went through. With my advanced age now, I'm at peace with myself and that is all that I wanted in life."

Mytty began the interview by describing her childhood in a diverse community and her defiance of gender norms. She also discussed reading an article about Christine Jorgenson and her transition, and how that article had a long-term impact on Mytty's life. Mytty also detailed her various attempts to transition and reactions and acceptances of those attempts. She also discussed meeting her wife, having their two children, coming out to her family and deciding to transition fully. Mytty later described navigating work life and the discrimination faced by LGBTQ people. Mytty concluded the interview by praising the interview project and stating the importance of recording personal histories.


2016 November 17


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“Introduction to LGBTQ Studies: Interview with Lynne Mytty,” Queer Omaha Archives | UNO Libraries, accessed December 2, 2023,

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