Introduction to LGBTQ Studies: Interview with Carolyn Fiscus


Introduction to LGBTQ Studies: Interview with Carolyn Fiscus


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An oral history interview with Carolyn Fiscus, Professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, concerning her life as a lesbian Native America woman, was conducted by Tanea Carter on November 22, 2016. Fiscus spoke about growing up, discovering her sexual identity, her career and family, and how all of these identities intersected. Fiscus, also known as "Big Momma," was a member of the Winnebago tribe of Nebraska. Fiscus completed her bachelor's and master's degrees at South Dakota State University and her doctoral studies at Northern Arizona University. She was heavily involved with her Winnebago (Ho-Chunk) tribe. Fiscus taught in Native American Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She had two children, two grandchildren, and a longtime partner. The interview was conducted as part of a project for Professor Jay Irwin's Fall 2016 Sociology 3700: Introduction to LGBTQ Studies course.

Fiscus began the interview by discussing her career in education and how the school system and students have changed over the years. She then described her early childhood off of the reservation. Fiscus went on to discuss adopting her two children and their impact on her life. She also detailed her status as a recovering alcoholic and alcoholism's involvement during one of the hardest times of her life. Fiscus concluded the interview by discussing the challenges and discrimination she's faced, not for her sexual identity, but as a person of color.


2016 November 22


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“Introduction to LGBTQ Studies: Interview with Carolyn Fiscus,” Queer Omaha Archives | UNO Libraries, accessed December 2, 2023,

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