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Photograph of a pride flag made by Terry Sweeney and Pat Phalen. The flag was carried in several Pride parades including the 1993 March on Washington and was on display at many Pride events.

Description provided by donor Terry Sweeney: "Living…

Photograph of a flag that was made to carry in the 1993 March on Washington.

Description by donor Terry Sweeney:
"This flag was made by our friend Brent Humphries. Brent is a small business entrepreneur in Omaha, Nebraska... His then business…

Photograph of a chandelier that formerly hung in Omaha's Stars Bar. Description provided by owner Terry Sweeney: "The Gold Crown Chandelier hung proudly in a piano bar that was part of the Stars Restaurant/bar. Located in Omaha, Nebraska's Old…

Photograph of a framed calligraphy ad commissioned by Terry Sweeney and Pat Phalen. Created for the ICON coronation VI program. Calligraphy by Jonathan Schneider. Item has a white base with black calligraphy, a pink matte, and a gold frame. There is…

IMG_8383 (2).jpg
Photograph of a framed photograph taken in 1986 of ICON Emperor III Ken Dillard with friend Jonathan Schneider. Item is in a pink frame with a flamingo in the upper right corner.

Photograph of a brick from Omaha's the Diamond Bar, which was known as the "Oldest Gay Bar in Nebraska." This brick is from the bar's first building and is mainly painted gold with a bit of pink, blue, and green. "The Diamond Bar" is written in…

Photograph of a plaque given to Pat Phalen in 1989. The award is wooden with black front and silver type. The plaque was produced by Regal Awards in Omaha, Nebraska.

The text on the plaque reads, "We Succeed Through People - Presented to Patrick…

Photograph of a plaque given to Pat Phalen by The New Voice of Nebraska magazine in 1994. Award is rectangular and wooden with a silver plaque and black type.

Award reads: "The New Voice of Nebraska - Presented March 1994 to Pat Phalen - for his…
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