The Queer Omaha Archives preserves Omaha’s LGBTQIA+ history as part of the UNO Libraries’ Archives & Special Collections. Historical materials documenting Omaha’s diverse LGBTQIA+ communities are collected and made available to the public by archivists and librarians to more widely share Omaha’s stories.

We welcome opportunities to share the material already in the archives with individuals and organizations and are actively seeking additional material for the archives. Contact us for more information, to arrange a tour or presentation for a group, to discuss donating material, to make a financial contribution to support the Queer Omaha Archives, or to learn about other ways to support the Queer Omaha Archives.

Recently Added Items

Gay/Lesbian Awareness Week Video, 1989


Click here to access the video, Gay/Lesbian Awareness Week. Run Time, 0:35:19.

Minnie Bruce Pratt Read Video, 1990


Minnie Bruce Pratt Read, June 1990 US West G/L Pride.Click here to access the video, Minnie Bruce Pratt Read.Run Time, 1:01:32.

Names Project National Tour KCMO Video


Names Project National Tour KCMO, Rick + Brent Union.Click here to access the video, Names Project National Tour KCMO. Run Time, 1:04:43.

Pride Parade Video, 1989


All Rights Reserved 1989. Permission required to rent tape or to charge admission. Contact: Moonforce Media, PO Box 2934, Wash. DC 20013. (202)…

Rainbow Gay-zette "What's Happening?", Vol.1, Issue 10

Rainbow Gay-zette, Vol.1, Issue 10, a publication of the Rainbow Outreach Resource Center.